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Aircrete Dome

At a time when more people are homeless than ever before, and the dream of owning a home has long become but a pipe dream for the majority of people, Aircrete domes are the shining light at the end of an Aircrete tunnel! This simple construction method uses mostly water, foam and cement. This somewhat simplistic recipe, however, provides us with an end product that is not only beautiful, but won’t burn, is vermin proof, waterproof, cyclone resistant, fully insulated, AND you can “do it yourself”. Not only that but it is as cheap as chips to build.
Since learning the techniques overseas several years ago, Kathy and the team at Aircrete Domes Australia have been sharing the skills with hundreds of inspired and up and coming “Domies” at their learning centre in SE QLD.
Their teachings have culminated in one of their students achieving the first ever Council approved, 90m2 Aircrete dome home in SE QLD, which is now fully complete.
“Our fervent desire is to see this method become more mainstream and known to Engineers, Certifiers and Councils alike, and to provide a real and affordable “DIY” opportunity that empowers people to build their own affordable dream home”.

Our amazing 2 day introductory workshop is now available online with video tutorials of everything that you would learn if you attended our live training in person. It includes a full manual and lifetime access to our training videos to view and review, at your leisure.


You will learn about:


Construct timber forms to form the Aircrete into building Blocks.

Arch support

Learn how to build an arch support structure used for doorways and windows.


Learn the all-important materials and techniques for applying the strengthening layers and reinforcing mesh

Aircrete Mix

Make the perfect Aircrete mix using a foaming machine, air compressor and mixing tools.


Learn the techniques to cut, stack and build with the blocks to construct your dome.


Learn the exact recipes for successful blocks, mortar and finishes for the dome.


Learn how to make and use a compass arm correctly to ensure a perfect dome shape.


Apply external and internal wall finishes ensuring a waterproof dome.


Discover the products and techniques to waterproof and finish your dome.

Your Instructors

Kathy is one of the founders of Aircrete Domes Australia. She has a passion for creating conscious community and learning to live purposefully and harmoniously in the current world landscape. With a belief that, as clean food, water and air are the inherent right of every person on the planet, having a roof over one’s head is not just desirable, but equally a given right for all beings. As a mother, grandmother, chef and Karaoke Queen, she demonstrates the fact that no previous building experience is necessary to enable anyone to build with Aircrete. In an industry that has been traditionally and predominantly, male oriented, it’s refreshing to know that women are equally capable, and able, to dive into this construction method which is incredibly light-weight compared to other alternative building methods.

Peter is also one of the founders of ADA and a qualified electrician by trade. He is ultimately very handy with all tools and has easily turned his skills towards Aircrete dome building and teaching.

Peter and Kathy will take you through every step of your online journey.

Teaching people to live and think outside the square!

Invest in YOURSELF

Everything you need
in one package

Build an Aircrete Dome

$299 *one time payment

  • Affordable – 4m diameter dome from $2,000 DIY
  • Council approval generally NOT required for this size
  • Experience – No previous building experience required
  • Lightweight – won’t break your back – or your bank account
  • AND it’s FUN

What people are saying

It’s simple. It’s easy to understand and easy to apply!
Workshop attendee
This is such a forgivable building process. Even if you make mistakes, you can correct these errors later on.
Workshop attendee
I loved the whole vibe. Really interesting and really great preparation. Kathy was amazing!
Workshop attendee
This course was all I needed to skill up and start building my council approved 90sqm Aircrete dome home. Check it out at
Workshop attendee Cath Wild

Start building YOUR Aircrete Dome today.

Our Team

Dean, Kathy, Pete, Freda and David.
The whole team is about teaching people to live and think outside the square.